Our Philosophy

The Pathworks Asset Management Program™

Which is more important, risk or return? You should be concerned about both. That’s why our investment management strategy – both philosophy and methodology – takes full advantage of the latest academic research, emphasizing a long term approach, extensive diversification, and strategic balancing.

Instead of making wild guesses and hoping it all works out, we provide a solid approach that is proven and time-tested. From Modern Portfolio Theory and the Fama French Three Factor Model to the latest discoveries in Behavioral Finance, we rely on an investment philosophy that is based in the latest academic research. Come learn how you can take advantage of this experience.

How our Program Works for You
The dynamic, versatile framework of the Pathworks Asset Management Program™ provides you with a carefully constructed and individually selected portfolio that is both highly diversified and custom-selected to meet your individual investment needs. Your portfolio is based on your individual circumstances and features a variety of unique benefits to help you minimize expenses and control risk while giving you the opportunity to obtain the long-term returns you seek.

Extensive Diversification
Instead of choosing between stocks and bonds like most investors and fund managers, your portfolio will feature as many as 19 separate asset classes and market sectors. This investment strategy helps manage risks as part of our goal of helping you to earn more consistent, competitive returns.

Market-Based Portfolios
Pathworks Financial emphasizes market-based (not manager-based) investments. This approach provides greater diversification and lower turnover than traditional retail mutual funds.

Institutional Mutual Funds and ETFs
You will have access to institutional mutual funds that you can’t buy on your own or through ordinary brokerage firms or financial planners. These funds are used by some of the nation’s largest institutional investors, putting you alongside many of the nation’s biggest and best-run organizations. We also use exchange-traded funds, one of the most advanced investment tools available. Both institutional funds and ETFs are astonishingly inexpensive — often less than one-tenth of the cost of ordinary retail mutual funds. That’s a 90% savings! This means that more of your money can work for you!

Why not learn more? We invite you to contact us today. Meet a financial adviser who will do some of the hard work for you and take the time to help you plan a coordinated retirement transition.