Our Process

The Pathworks Retirement Advantage™

Our wealth accumulation philosophy focuses on meeting you and your family where you are today and fostering a connection between your personal and your financial life.

Our proprietary approach, The Pathworks Retirement Advantage™, promotes confidence, clarity, and sound decision making – so you can live your fullest life, free of financial worry, confusion and wasted energy. Discover the Way! Choose the Path! Assess the Work! Pathworks, Works!

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Discover the Way!
Our Initial Meeting is Complimentary
  • Tell us your Story
  • Who We Are
  • The Pathworks Process
Choose the Path!
Financial and Retirement Planning goals brought into Focus
  • Wealth Priorities Identified
  • Paying Down Debt
  • Retirement's the Goal
  • Tax Efficiency of Design
  • Generational Integration
Assess the Work!
Recommendations and Portfolio Stress Tests
  • Family, Wealth and Retirement Driven
  • Rigorous Portfolio Design
  • Continuous Assessment and Monitoring
  • Implementation Strategy
Pathworks, Works!
We Do the Work, you Walk the Path
  • Ongoing Portfolio Re-Balancing & Reporting
  • Coordination with Professional Partners
  • Annual Wealth Review
  • Team Integration